The Subang Jaya Guide To Knowing The Area

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If you’re looking for an alternative to Kuala Lumpur, then Subang Jaya just might be the place. Although officially known as a town, Subang Jaya is so well developed that it truly deserves city status. It’s convenience at your fingertips here in Subang Jaya, with the locale offering you the best in education, entertainment, shopping and living.

Some Access Points To and From

Commuting back and forth between Kuala Lumpur and Subang Jaya is a non-issue, with many doing it on the daily. Although traffic can be a problem on most weekdays (especially on the Federal Highway), there’s still a wide range of options to choose from.

Subang Jaya Airport

Originally the main airport for Kuala Lumpur, the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport now caters to flights travelling within the country and also as a training centre for aviation students. The airport sits about half an hour away from KL city centre.


The KTM intercity trains run for longer distances, and Subang Jaya station falls about ten stops away from KL Sentral.


The LRT trains are a lot faster, with more stations that help with connectivity. There are numerous stops around Subang Jaya.


To combat the growing population and traffic problems within Sunway and neighbouring USJ, the Sunway BRT line was introduced. This BRT line is one of the firsts in Kuala Lumpur, with the buses travelling along elevated platforms that help service certain areas around Subang Jaya.

Popular Townships in Subang Jaya

Often, Subang Jaya is the number one choice for many who want to live close to the city centre. Being just about 18 kilometres away from KLCC, and having a multitude of leisure and lifestyle options, this is one area that’s likeable. You’ll mostly find that there’s a mix of students, young families and local Malaysians that live in and around Subang Jaya.

Subang Jaya is a pretty big area, and simply dividing it into different neighbourhoods proves to be quite a task. Never the less, there are three popular townships in town that have caught the public eye.


This township is being catered to the more affluent crowd, with recent developments being commercial lots such as office towers and shopping complexes.


SS15 is often seen as being the main commercial and entertainment hub in Subang Jaya. From major banks, offices and shops to entertainment centres and eateries, SS15 is the true heart and soul of Subang Jaya.

Around the area, you’ll usually find terraced and link houses that date back to the 1980s.

Credit: Steven Sim


In recent years, the otherwise plain township has transformed into an education and cultural hub that is known as Bandar Sunway. The development is equipped with all the facilities one would require.

Sunway has some of the best educational institutes in the country. Top universities include Monash University, Sunway University, Taylor’s University and Segi College to name a few, while notable schools include Sunway International School and SMK Bandar Sunway.

Sunway Medical centre is the primary healthcare provider in the area, and is deemed to follow through with international healthcare standards, having won the International Hospital of the Year award in 2016. In terms of entertainment options, you’ll find that the ever-popular Sunway Pyramid Mall and the theme park of Sunway Lagoon is a fan favourite!

Where You Can Have Some Fun and Frolic

With a vast majority of the population residing in Subang Jaya being students and young families, there’s bound to be an activity or an event happening every day in the area.

Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon theme and water park is a renowned recreational centre that’s loads of fun for the whole family. Featuring attractions such as water slides, amphitheaters, 5D movie experiences and roller coaster rides, Sunway Lagoon is bound to keep you entertained for the whole day. If you’re feeling a little daring, then you can ride on the Vuvuzela, the largest water ride in the world (as of 2013).

Subang Ria Park

This neighbourhood park is said to be one of the first parks built for the public in Subang Jaya, and till this day it remains a favourite spot for morning walks and jogs.

Credit: Gohweiyang

Best Places to Stay in Town


eCity Hotel

This four star business hotel is a good option for those who want to be within walking distance to a mall, as eCity Hotel is connected to One City Mall.

Empire Hotel Subang

Another hotel located right next to a mall (Empire Mall), Empire Hotel is a boutique hotel that features modern design and affordable prices.



This exclusive gated community not only offers you high-rise apartments, but also landed properties such as semi Ds and link houses. It’s a very popular choice, and is conveniently located in USJ 1 as well.

Isola Subang Jaya

This is a luxury condominium, with location being one of its key selling points. Nicely situated in SS16, right at the heart of Subang Jaya, Isola offers good investment opportunities thanks to the rapid growth happening all around the area.

Places to Shop and Dine

Sunway Pyramid Mall

Following an Egyptian-inspired architecture, Sunway Pyramid Mall is a shopping complex comprising of more than 4 million square feet of retail heaven. It’s one of the most popular malls in the city, having a beautifully designed layout that’s home to a wide variety of commodities.

Empire Shopping Gallery

Located along the Federal highway, Empire Shopping Gallery is a mixed development with a mall, a hotel and office suites. The mall offers a good selection of outlets to choose from when it comes to either shopping or dining.

SS15 Courtyard

SS15 Courtyard is mainly known for the wide range of food options you can eat under one roof. From authentic Korean cuisine to some pork ribs at Naughty Nuri’s (a popular chain from Indonesia), this courtyard is not to be missed!

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And that is the amalgamation of what Subang Jaya is. It’s a great locale for those wanting something a little different from the fast-paced life in Kuala Lumpur, and living here is sure to be a pleasant experience.

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