The Best of Bangsar

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A Street in Bangsar. Credit: Mohd Fazlin Mohd Effendy Ooi

This residential area offers a sense of peace and tranquility that’s hard to find in the middle of a concrete jungle like KL, yet in juxtaposition Bangsar is infested with some of the most urban and hip cafes and bars. 

The Best Of Shopping

Bangsar Village

Bangsar Village is such a popular mall in the area that they had to open another one called Bangsar Village 2! These twin buildings offer a great shopping experience for the whole family. Bangsar Village 1 is more oriented towards grocery stores and mid-range shops while the newer building is home to posh brands and fashion retail outlets.

Bangsar Shopping Centre

Bangsar Shopping Centre, or BSC as the locals like calling it, is catered towards a more affluent crowd. It recently went through a complete overhaul, and is now home to international brands and exclusive boutiques. BSC also has a wide range of eating options. Don’t miss out on WIP Restaurant and Bar (on it’s menu you can find more than 20 different types of mojitos!), Chinoz and Twentyone Tables + Terrace.

Night Market

Head on down to Bangsar every Sunday evening for a wonderful treat! An otherwise busy car park is transformed into a night market bustling with food stalls, vegetable and fruit vendors just. Malays and expats alike frequent the market, and you can find yourself some great local delights. The char kway teow and sugar cane juice are a must try when you’re visiting this night market.

Insider Tip: TMC Supermarket located in Lucky Garden is a favourite spot for buying fresh vegetables and other groceries. Adjacent to it is a wine store that has a good collection, as well.

Credit: Conny Sandland

Bangsar - Food Galore

It’s no secret that Bangsar houses some of the best pubs, cafes and restaurants in the city, particularly around the Telawi area. The Telawi area comprises of narrow streets lined with eateries. Some of the highlights include:

Mikey’s New York Pizza

This small cafe offers delicious pizza that can be bought by the slice! A great place to binge-eat, Mikey’s offers not only pizza but sandwiches and dessert as well. The cookie pizza is a hit amongst the younger crowd.

WTF- What Tasty Food

For all our vegetarian friends out there, WTF specialises in Indian and Malaysian vegetarian food. Not only that, you can be rest-assured that the food prepared here is healthy and wholesome with no preservatives.

Antipodean Cafe

This artfully decorated cafe tops the list when it comes to having a hearty breakfast! Antipodean Cafe also boasts mouthwatering sandwiches, burgers and cafe lattes. However, finding a table here, especially during the weekends, proves to be quite a task!

Gridiron Sports Cafe & Lounge

With a wide selection of comfort food, flat-screen tvs, snooker tables and dart boards, Gridiron Spots Cafe is the ultimate spot for game night. The classy interior decoration and friendly customer service has made Gridiron a popular hangout for many.

Insider Tip: When you're in Bangsar, you must try out some sweet appams (an Indian/Sri Lankan dish) and vegetable curry puffs from a small stall called Shakti Chelo’s Appam Stall in Taman Lucky Garden.

Credit: MyLifeStory

Why You Should Live in Bangsar

One of the main factors why Bangsar is such a popular neighbourhood has to do with its strategic location. It’s 5 minutes away from KL Sentral, a ten-minute drive (on a good day) to KLCC, and is placed between the townships of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, quite an advantageous spot. From malls, restaurants and recreational centres to a hospital and numerous public parks, Bangsar offers a compact living experience.

One thing to note, however, is that the traffic in Bangsar can get a wee bit crazy, especially during the peak hours and the weekends.

Transport links

As mentioned above, Bangsar is just a few kilometres away from both the transportation hub of Kl Sentral and Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The LRT station along Jalan Bangsar is mighty convenient along with the numerous buses that run through the suburb. You’ve also got highways connecting this area to the rest of KL, which includes the Federal Highway (connection you to the city of Petaling Jaya), Sprint Expressway (taking you to Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya) and New Pantai Expressway (taking you to Mont Kiara/ Damansara).

Credit: Nathan Kavumbura

Nearby Amenities

Bangsar Sports Complex

This complex has all the facilities you would require under one roof. Provisions include badminton and squash courts, a futsal field, a multi-purpose hall, a huge swimming pool, a basketball court and regular sports classes to name a few.

Pantai Hospital

Located just on the outskirts of Bangsar, Pantai Hospital is a popular hospital that specialises in a wide range of medical needs. One of the leading private institutes in Malaysia, Pantai Hospital is known for its service and medical expertise.

Properties in Bangsar

This hilly terrain is mostly home to bungalows and other types of landed properties. Prices run on the higher-end here, with the upper-middle class crowd being both locals and expats.

Bangsar is quite an old residential area, and new high-rise developments are highly uncommon. However, there are few developments that have caught the eyes of investors.

One Menerung

One Menerung is an impressive luxury condominium nestled amidst the lush greenery in Bangsar. The building offers great scenery with beautiful interiors at a higher cost. Just a stone’s throw away from Bangsar Shopping Centre, One Menerung is a highly coveted address in Bangsar.

The Loft, Bangsar

This building is certainly a unique concept, with apartment ceilings twice as high compared to the norm and prices to match! While the building does offer lofts that are a little pricier, you’ll be receiving a lot of benefits such as a private lift, convenient location, a modern architecture and good investment potential. With only 15 units in the building, living at The Loft is truly an exclusive experience.

All in all, Bangsar certainly offers a wholesome way of living, and is a first-choice for many who want to settle in Kuala Lumpur. We hope you found this guide useful! Let us know your views in the comments down below. You can also click on the share button to help spread the word!

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