The Batu Ferringhi Guide You Should Know About

By Nikita Shankar | Places in Malaysia

Batu Ferringhi is by far one of the most popular beach attractions in Penang, and is certainly worth a visit (or maybe even a stay!). A drive up the winding lane that runs parallel to the coastline offers stunning views and various entertainment options, making Batu Ferringhi a true beach paradise.

This coastline has seen such rapid development over the years, catering to the high number of tourists that come to Batu Ferringhi each season. Here you’ll find street markets, wonderful resorts, beach activities…you’ll have to read on to find out more!

Some Popular Attractions in Batu Ferringhi

The Beach at Batu Ferringhi

The beach running along the coastline in Batu Ferringhi is quite easy to access, especially if you’re staying in one of the resorts in the area. While not necessarily one of the cleanest or most peaceful beaches in Malaysia, spending your day soaking up the sun and enjoying the surf and turf is always needed!

You could also hop on to a quad bike that’s stationed on the beach, or have yourself a foot reflexology massage. Or maybe you’d prefer to have a tall glass of coconut water? The options at Batu Ferringhi beach are endless!

Water Sports

Batu Ferringhi also offers a wide range of water sports activities for the whole family. You can try your hand at jet-skiing, parasailing, deep sea diving or fishing. Alternatively, a leisurely boat ride is an interesting activity as well!

Tropical Spice Garden

Now this is a tourist attraction that one should not miss when you’re in the area. Being South-East Asia’s first tropical spice garden, this 8 acre set up is home to more than 500 different types of vegetation and animals. Your journey begins by walking around the uneven terrain, being witness to some exotic spices and flowers. You can then head on to the culinary school (Penang’s first full-fledged cooking school!) where you’ll learn how to cook local Malaysian dishes. Other activities in this Spice Garden include jungle trails and guided tours.

Night Market

At daytime, Batu Ferringhi is your typical beach town, laid-back and relaxed. However as night falls, the strip transforms into a flea market with sellers setting up their carts on the sides of the street. You’ll find anything from clothing items and DVDs to fake watches and handbags at these stalls. A walk along this pasar malam’ means you’ll be privy to some great local food as well! An added bonus is the lively ambience going around the stalls, promising a night of fun and frolic. Batu Ferringhi’s Night Market is a prominent part of its tourism, and should certainly not be missed!

Kick Back, Relax And Stay At These Hotels

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang

Featuring a golf course, an extensive garden overlooking the sea, multiple swimming pools and exemplary service, Rasa Sayang reflects luxury and comfort. It’s situated very close to the night market as well.

Golden Sands Resort

This beachfront resort hotel is another popular choice for many, especially families with young children. It’s part of the Shangri-La group, and the hotel offers shuttle buses to Georgetown as well as neighbouring areas. Kids will love the Adventure Zone Park on the grounds. Adventure Zone features some mind-blowing and thrilling slides and trampolines, along with adventurous modules such as tree-climbing and rope jumps.

Bayview Beach Resort

Bayview Beach Resort offers great value for money, stunning views of the ocean and a comfortable experience. Private beach access, outdoor pools, and great customer service if what you can find at this beach resort.

Hard Rock Hotel

A stay at Hard Rock Hotel is always recommended when you come to Penang. Featuring rooms that are decorated with a rock-and-roll theme in mind, live bands performing late into the night, and a great collection of cafes and bars, this trendy hotel is a must visit!

Credit: Slilin

Holiday Homestay

If you’d prefer something a little more personal, where you’ll have the freedom of staying in a fully furnished apartment, you can try out some homestay options. There are a great number of condominiums offering up apartments as rentals for a few days, or you could stay at a private villa near the beach.

Make Batu Ferringhi Your Home

Not only has this area seen a development in tourist attractions, you can also find a wide range of property types sprouting up near the coastline. The beach location acts as a deciding factor for many, with resort-style living being favoured.

Low-rise bungalows and older developments are slowly being demolished to make way for residential high-rises and top-notch landed properties.

If you’re a foreigner, one thing to keep in mind when buying a property in Penang would be the minimum property purchase price law. You can check out our article on Foreign Buyer Restrictions here for more information.


Some popular properties include:

  • Ferringhi Residence
  • Ferringhi Villa
  • Batu Ferringhi Condominiums

How To Get Here

Batu Ferringhi is located around 15 km away from George Town, the state’s capital. It’s serviced by both buses and taxis as well. If you’re coming in from the Mainland, you can either take the bridge connecting Butterworth to Georgetown or hop onto a ferry taking you across the Penang Strait.

A tropical getaway, a beach vacation…Batu Ferringhi is the place to be when you want to get away from the bustling city-life. How was your experience at Batu Ferringhi? We’d love to know! Drop us a line or two in the comments.

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