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If you’re looking out for a development that’s family friendly, with a wide variety of leisure activities, and has a safe and quiet atmosphere, then look no further than Shah Alam. Situated between the developments of Subang Jaya and Klang, Shah Alam is a relatively new ‘city’ (granted city status in 2000) that has risen up the ranks in terms of popularity.

This city of roundabouts, as the locals call it, is a good place for those who want a family environment that’s not too far from Kuala Lumpur.

What To Expect When You Live Here


Predominantly a Muslim city, you’ll find that the vast majority of residents include locals Malays and Bumiputeras, followed by Chinese, Indian and then a small percentage of expats.

As the local Government in Shah Alam discourages the development of entertainment centres such as cinemas and nightclubs, you’ll find that there’s an absence of these within city limits. However, in recent years there have been movie theatres opening up in the outskirts of Shah Alam.


Education is not an issue within Shah Alam as it has respected local universities, high schools and an international school. Polytechnic universities include Universiti Teknologi MARA and Universiti Industri Selangor amongst others. You can also find the Chinese Taipei International School (Kuala Lumpur) and Tenby International School here.


In terms of healthcare, this city has some quality medical health providers. Shah Alam Community Polyclinic is the main government hospital in the city, and private hospitals such as Salam Hospital and Columbia Asia also have branches here.

Two Popular Townships Within Shah Alam

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Shah Alam has seen a lot of property development in the past few years, with buildings springing up every few months. In terms of pricing, Shah Alam has seen an increase in property prices in recent years, though rental rates remain lower as compared to Kuala Lumpur. You’ll find that the average going rate price for a two-bedroom apartment is around the RM 2,000 mark.

The two townships discussed below are quite popular with residents, and offer a ‘city within a city’ lifestyle experience.

Kota Kemuning

Kota Kemuning aims to bring to you a development that perfectly balances nature with man-made development. The results are beautifuly constructed roads with greenery all around, and bungalows and townhouses dotting the hilly terrain. Kota Kemuning has its very own lake right in the centre of the township, with an 18-hole golf course and resort attached.

Setia Alam

The brainchild of one of Malaysia’s top property developers, SP Setia, Setia Alam is a township that is located on the outskirts of Shah Alam. Divided into various precincts, the township boasts fast food outlets, numerous developments with various property types, shopping malls and even an international school.

Top 6 Attractions in Shah Alam

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iCity Shah Alam

Now this is one theme park that’s quite different and exciting. iCity is a technology driven park where the whole family can have fun. At night is when the park really comes alive, when the man-made trees that are placed all throughout the park light up with LED lights. The effect is mesmerising, made even more special with the various amusement park rides on offer. Aptly dubbed the City of Digital Lights, iCity is best experienced during the late evenings.

SnowWalk @ iCity

SnowWalk is an enclosed park where, for the first time in Malaysia, you get to play with snow! This section is a favourite with children and adults alike, and offers you a truly magical and ‘cool’ experience. Inside you’ll find artificial snow, igloos, ice sculptures and even a café made entirely out of ice!

Sultan Salahuddin Abdhul Aziz Mosque / Blue Mosque

Nicknamed Blue Mosque because of the blue marble covering the exterior of this stunning structure, the Sultan Salahuddin Abdhul Aziz Mosque is one of Shah Alam’s main attraction. Being the largest mosque in Malaysia, the Blue Mosque is frequented by thousands of people on a daily basis, and is open to visitors as well. This is a beautiful work of Islamic architecture, and is a priority visit!

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Shah Alam Lake Gardens

This man-made lake garden is quite the entertainment hub in Shah Alam, with numerous developments surrounding the water’s edge. From jogging tracks, water sports and a water-park (Wet World), the Shah Alam Lake Gardens is a great place to spend your Sunday afternoons at!

Setia City Mall

Being the neighbourhood mall for those living in Setia Alam, Setia City Mall, while being home to numerous shops and restaurants, has one aspect that’s quite different to others…the fact that it has its very own public park attached to it! Being called a ‘Green Mall’, Setia City Mall offers visitors the chance to dine in the outdoors with lush greenery as your view.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Located just off the highway as you enter into Shah Alam, the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is a sight to behold. Towering above the rest of the flat structures in the vicinity, this temple offers an insight into the Hindu religion. Intricately carved statues grace the temple floors and walls, and visitors are gladly welcomed.

PropertyLife Tip: If you’re in the mood for some sports activities, the Shah Alam Stadium is your best bet. The stadium acts as a multi-purpose development where you can try your hand at go karting, athletics and football.

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