Petaling Jaya – What’s Not To Like?

By Nikita Shankar | Places in Malaysia

The satellite town to Kuala Lumpur that has established itself as being a full-fledged city, Petaling Jaya is one of the most sought after addresses in the Klang Valley. There’s really no need to make the trip of about 20 kilometres to KL city centre for anything as this city offers the best in entertainment, education, work and living.

PJ, as the locals love calling it, is a huge and wide spread city, so much so that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where it starts and where it stops. Within this city you’ll find that certain neighbourhoods have made a name for themselves, with a few attractions you just can't find anywhere else other than PJ.

Let’s dive into the wonderful locale of Petaling Jaya.

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Top 4 Locales in PJ

PJ is divided into various sectors, each with traits unique to its area. Here are some of the most searched for townships in the city, and why they stand out from the rest.

Bandar Utama

This affluent township consists of commercial centres, office addresses and residential homes. One major factor contributing to Bandar Utama’s popularity is the neighbourhood mall of One Utama, the largest mall in Malaysia. This has led to the area being very busy and lively, though with some traffic concerns.

Mutiara Damansara

Another high-end township, Mutiara Damansara is very well connected to major highways, with the convenience of shopping and food outlets at your fingertips. I would really suggest coming to this area for their street-food stalls that open up in the evening.

TTDI - Taman Tun Dr.Ismail

TTDI is a residential suburb that is catered to the upper-middle class section of society, with landed properties being common instead of high-rise condos. TTDI is also known for its wet market and thriving entertainment scene. The local wet market is a great place to shop for fresh seafood and vegetables, while the commercial blocks around the area house hip cafes and trendy restaurants.

Damansara Perdana

Originally an Orang Asli settlement, Damansara Perdana is another affluent township in Petaling Jaya. In recent years, the demand for properties has skyrocketed, leading to a whole lot of development in the area. This is one of the biggest suburbs in PJ, and coupled with a good property market and entertainment outlets, Damansara Perdana is a popular neighborhood.

So, What’s There To Do In PJ?

The Curve Mall

There’s certainly no dearth of malls in Malaysia, but The Curve Mall is a unique experience. Spacious and well stocked with supplies, this mall also hosts weekly flea markets in its outdoor space, making the mall especially crowded during weekends. There’s a good range of eateries at the Curve, offering outdoor dining options as well.


Before the introduction of the new IKEA outlet in Cheras, IKEA Damansara was one of the largest stores in South-East Asia. This is a great place to buy affordable furniture and household appliances.

One Utama

Now this is one mall outing that can easily turn into a full day trip. Comprising of two blocks (with one of them being a recent addition), One Utama is a sprawling mall that is perfect for shopaholics and foodies!

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Taman Jaya Park

The Taman Jaya Park is quite an old establishment located in the heart of PJ. Clean and well kept, there’s a man-made lake in the centre of the park that is surrounded by lush greenery. A great place for your early morning jog, marathon trainings or even for some Pokemon hunting!

Wat Chetawan

Wat Chetawan is a famous Thai Temple that’s frequented by the Buddhist community. A perfect depiction of Thai architecture, the temple grounds are a sight to behold. The temple gives off peaceful vibes, and many tourists come here for blessings by the monk.

Education Institutes

When it comes to education, PJ surpasses all the other cities by having the most esteemed universities and colleges on its turf. Here you’ll find the oldest Malaysian university, University of Malaya, Tun Abdul Razak University and several other colleges to name a few. Local schools are also in abundance, and the German School Kuala Lumpur also has its base here.

Kota Darul Ehsan Arch

As you cross the border between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya along the Federal Highway, a pair of intricately decorated arches greets you. The Kota Darul Ehsan Arch, the biggest arch in Malaysia, symbolises Kuala Lumpur’s separation from the State of Selangor as a Federal Territory. Inspired by Muslim architecture, the Arch is an important part of Malaysian history.

PropertyLife Tip: Kanna Curry House in section 17 offers some of the best Indian food in PJ. The service is excellent, the staff is friendly and, above all, the banana-leaf rice is to die for!

And what about connectivity?

Public Transport

One of the great things about PJ is the public transport in the city. From buses, high-speed trains to local railway lines, they all cross the city of Petaling Jaya. You’ll find numerous Rapid KL bus stops and LRT/KTM stations located conveniently along the city.

The introduction of the new MRT line is also expected to ease traffic congestion in PJ.


The Federal Highway is one of the most popular, but sadly also crowded, highways running through PJ. Other highways that incur toll costs include Damansara-Puchong Expressway, Sprint Expressway and North-South Expressway.

Petaling Jaya is a great place for families and even young individuals to settle down in. Being so close to the city centre and offering high-end facilities, the majority of city-dwellers call PJ home. In fact, in a recent survey, PJ was on the top of the list when it came to property searches. The stable market and constant development of the zone has investors scrambling to grab properties in PJ.

We hope you found this guide on KL’s sister city useful. Do let us know what you like about Petaling Jaya!

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