Klang – What You Should Know About This Royal City

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Not to be confused with the much broader term of Klang Valley, Klang is a city within the Klang district and is the former state capital of Selangor. It’s located about 32 kilometres away from Kuala Lumpur.

Known as being a royal town, Klang, while not marketed as being a tourist spot, still sees a lot of development and activity in the area. Here you’ll find a large residential community, historically important buildings, fresh seafood and the famous Port Klang.

Come To Klang For Some of The Best Food in The Valley

More often than not, you’ll notice that a large number of people living in KL prefer to come over to Klang for the food. While seafood is the pulling factor, Klang is also known for being the home ground of Bak Kut Teh, a pork-based stew spiced with herbs. While you’ll find great food in even the smallest stalls around the city, below are some of the famous restaurants you can try out when in Klang.

Ketam/ Crab Island

This island offers you exactly what you think it does…crabs, crabs and more crabs! Not only a great place to sink your teeth into some delicious crabs, you can also make Crab island a day trip. You can grab a ferry that takes you to the island in a mere 30 minutes, and from there it’s all fun and frolic. The low water levels around the island make it a great spot to go crustacean hunting, and many restaurants offer to cook your catch of the day for a small fee. While not much else to do on the island aside from eating good food, you can visit the local crab temple and get a taste of local life on the island.

Carey Island

This island is separated from mainland Klang by a river, and is worth a trip for, you guessed it, great seafood! You can also fish for your meal of the day, with prawns and shellfish being the specialty. The island is also home to the indigenous tribe of the Mah Meri. They’re famous for their tribal dances and wood-work, and some gift shops on Carey island give you the chance to take home some of their intricate carvings.

Coconut Flower Restaurant

This open-air restaurant features thatched roofs over each table, the chance to pick out your food fresh from the water tank and a tranquil ambience. Always busy at any time of the day, don’t forget to have the special drink called toddy or palm wine. This fermented brew is best served with a Guinness, but many prefer having it by itself as well.

PropertyLife Tip: Klang offers something truly unique in the whole of Malaysia, and that’s the delicacy of bamboo biryani! This quirky concept consists of the famed biryani being cooked in hollow bamboo shoots, and is quite popular within the Klang Valley. You can find this dish made in a small stall in front of Taman Rakyat, though there’s also the newly opened restaurant a few blocks away.

Credit: Roderick Eime

Places To Tour Around Klang

Little India

While it’s true that you can find a Little India in almost any major city in Malaysia, the Little India in Klang is said to be the largest…not so ‘little’ anymore. This stretch of road is chock-o-block full with stalls and restaurants. You can get yourself some ethnic Indian wear, delicious Indian sweets or shop for your spices at very affordable prices on this street.

Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery

Dedicated to the artifacts surrounding the lives of the various Sultans presiding over the state of Selangor, this gallery offers a view into the rich history and culture of the royal family.

Alam Shah Palace

One of the many residential addresses of the Sultan of Selangor, the Alam Shah Palace displays Muslim architecture and finesse at its finest. Many royal events and functions take place at this palace. While visitors aren’t allowed on property grounds, the stunning views of the palace make up for it. Around the vicinity you can find the Klang Royal City Park and The Klang Royal Club.

GM Klang Wholesale City

This gigantic shopping mall can certainly be called a ‘city’ seeing as how it comprises of three huge blocks dedicated to commercial goods. There’s nothing you can’t find at this plaza, the best part being the fact that prices are offered on the wholesale level, so you’re bound to find good deals.

The Principle Gateway Into Malaysia By Sea - Port Klang

Credit: IAEA Imagebank

Located about 6 kilometres away from the city of Klang, Port Klang is one of the country’s main entry points by sea. The main port of Malaysia, Port Klang is also one of the busiest ports in the world, and is only seeing more business in the future.

There are ferry links to nearby Indonesia, and major cruise liners also make a pit stop at this port, including the Star Cruise.

Transport Links Within Klang

Making your way over to Klang is quite convenient, and you have the option of either taking a train or going by road.

You can hop onto the KTM Komuter train that has stops in both Klang and Port Klang. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to reach Klang from Kuala Lumpur.

If you’re driving down from Kuala Lumpur, the Federal Highways provides a straight road all the way to Klang. Other major highways include the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) and the Shah Alam Expressway (KESAS).

The next big city after Kuala Lumpur, Klang is home to both locals and immigrants (thanks to the various job opportunities in the city). In terms of property prices, the market remains stable, with new developments and townships always being built. Some of the most searched for townships include Bandar Botanic, Taman Sentosa, Bandar Bukit Raja and Bandar Bukit Tinggi.

The royal city of Klang hosts the perfect mix of industrialisation, historical charm and entertainment hubs. We hope you found this area guide useful…Don’t forget to drop your comments down below!

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