Chow Kit – A Marketplace Like None Other

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Chow Kit is an area situated in the older part of KL, and thanks to it’s vibrant wet market and quaint streets, it has retained its old-time charm. Almost every tour guide in Kuala Lumpur will have Chow Kit on his/her list of top tourist attractions in the city. A sensory overload for many, this friendly locale gives you the chance to explore the alleyways and markets of old KL.

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Top Shopping Spots In Chow Kit

GM Plaza

If you fancy shopping in street markets that offer affordable prices but love the comfort of a good air-conditioned mall, then GM Plaza is just the place for you. This mammoth structure houses seven floors filled with anything you could imagine, from watches, jewelry and handbags to clothes, footwear and household items. What’s more, this market offers wholesale prices! Do note though that the cramped interiors might be even more uncomfortable during crowded weekends.

Chow Kit Market

Chow Kit market is certainly the highlight of any visit to this area. It’s divided into two main parts: a wet and dry market. The wet market stands as the largest wet market in KL, and here you’ll find fresh seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. The dry section of the market holds cheap clothing items and other merchandise such as toys, gift articles and bedding supplies.

The sights, sounds and smells of this rural souk presents are quite an experience!

Sunway Putra Mall

Sunway Putra Mall recently underwent a major overhaul, and is now a trendy urban shopping getaway. Not only will you find big name brands here, but you’ll also find local designers and boutiques. This mall also has a hotel and an office tower attached to it.

Wholesale Shops

Chow Kit is a network of streets and lanes, and if you take a walk around the area you’ll find that there are a bunch of shops offering wholesale rates on a variety of products. Products include toys, utensils, plastic goods and garments to name a few.

PropertyLife Tip: If you’re an avid baker, then you mustn’t miss out on a shop called Bake with Yen. This is a chain of stores that sells anything and everything a baker or dessert master would require. For all your baking needs, head on to the branch in Chow Kit, the biggest and most well stocked of the lot.

What To Do In The Vicinity of Chow Kit

Jalan Masjid India

Nestled a little away from Chow Kit, you’ll find a small piece of India at the heart of old KL. A walk along this ‘jalan’, and you’ll be in for a treat. You’ll find hawker joints serving traditional Indian food (don’t miss out on some Indian sweets), numerous textile shops selling Indian wear, and the sound of Bollywood music wafting down the streets.

Jakel Mall

Jakel Mall, located a few metres away from Chow Kit Road, is the place to go to when it comes to buying textiles. The entire mall is dedicated to fabrics of every print and type, offering wholesale prices to the general public.

Credit: Stefan Fussan

Lulu Hypermarket

Having made its mark in the Gulf, being one of the biggest retail chains in the Middle East, Lulu Hypermarket has recently launched an outlet right next to Jakel Mall. This retail venture has five floors dedicated to all your lifestyle and households needs, and is one departmental store that’s worth having a look at.

Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)

PWTC is one of KL’s main convention and exhibition centres, with almost 24,000 square metres of floor space. This prestigious venue has seen and hosted many events such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and a Bruno Mars concert.

Gurdwara Tatt Khalsa Sikh Temple

This Gurdwara is one of the biggest Sikh temples in South-East Asia, and offers a remarkable spiritual experience for many. The temple also hosts a Sunday vegetarian lunch that is free for all devotees and visitors alike.

PropertyLife Tip: If you want to try out Pakistani food, there is a whole bevy of restaurants along Jalan Ipoh (parallel to Chow Kit Road) that’s worth a shot. Good restaurants to try out include ‘Ras Balouch’, ‘Pak Punjab’ and ‘Lahore Restaurant’.

Lodge Yourself At These Hotels

Sunway Putra Hotel

Sunway Putra Hotel, connected to the Sunway Putra Mall, is a first choice for many who want to stay in the heart of Chow Kit. This luxurious five-star development is very well located, being just a few kilometres from The Petronas Twin Towers and KL Sentral. It also has a shuttle bus service running everyday between the hotel and KLCC.

Grand Seasons Hotel

Grand Seasons Hotel is quite a big set up located on a busy road, offering comfort and affordability. With more than 800 guest rooms, meeting rooms and other facilities, staying here is a great option!

Tune Hotel

Tune Hotel is a good budget alternative where you’ll have a compact and hassle-free stay. It’s also within walking distance from major malls, an LRT station and a monorail platform.

Seri Pacific Hotel

Seri Pacific Hotel stands as an extension from the Putra World Trade Centre, and positions itself as being a luxury business hotel. Again, connectivity is one of it’s main selling points, and you’ll be sure to nab a good deal when booking since this hotel runs promotions quite often.

Ways To Get To Chow Kit

Chow Kit is easily accessible from all parts of KL. Of course, there are always taxis and personal cars around, but below are two public transport options that are convenient and affordable.

Monorail Station

The monorail line takes you to the centre of many attractions within city limits, one being Chow Kit itself. Just get off at the Chow Kit station and you’ll be smack dab in the middle of all the hubbub.

GoKL Free Buses

One great thing about being a tourist (or even a local) in KL is the fact that you’ll find numerous buses going around the city free of cost! The GoKL buses come in three different coloured lines, and Chow Kit acts as the junction point.

Chow Kit is an area in Kuala Lumpur that, in it’s unsophisticated charm and allure, manages to be one of Kuala Lumpur’s proud heritage spot even after all these years.

Do you have a special story when it comes to Chow Kit? Anything we missed out on? Let us know!

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