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Born in India, raised all over the world, I’m currently based here in Malaysia, truly enjoying this Asian enclave. Starting off as a fiction writer for many online publishing sites, I’ve moved on to following one of my major passions: Copywriting. For more than a few years now I’ve worked with companies to create some great web content, particularly in the real-estate field. From reviewing property developments to writing home improvement articles, I do believe the property world is my calling. When I’m not holed up behind a computer screen, you can find me reading a good book, gallivanting across the globe or merely listening to some tunes on my iPod.

Penang: The Modern Island Life

By Nikita Shankar | Places in Malaysia

When most people think of Malaysia, chances are they’re thinking of the Petronas Towers, the luscious rainforests and wildlife in the country or the island of Penang.Today, it’s Penang we’re going to talk about, and why so many people call this beautiful state their home and holiday getaway.Penang is an eclectic mix of cultures and […]

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