Ampang – Six Points To Remember

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One of the more residential areas in KL, Ampang is certainly the first choice for many city-dwellers. You’ll find recreational centres, great food and shopping options, as well as good schools and condominiums in this area. Classifying Ampang into a few square kilometres is no easy feat, since this region stretches out from KLCC all the way to the neighbouring state of Selangor. However, this guide has narrowed it down to a list of six major features of Ampang.

Famous Landmarks Around the Area

Zoo Negara

The National Zoo of Malaysia is located within the district of Ampang, and is a must visit for everyone! The zoo follows an ‘open concept’ philosophy wherein most animals are kept in comfortable natural habitats. There is even a Giant Panda Conservation Centre located within the perimeters of the zoo, where you’ll find cute baby pandas sitting atop ice blocks munching on some bamboo. With 110 acres to its name, Zoo Negara offers a day trip that’s worthwhile, educational and fun!

Aman Club

Aman Club is one of the oldest clubs in the city, founded in 1974 by the Sikh Community. Among other things, Club Aman is known to have a very well maintained cricket ground that has been used for local as well as international cricket matches.

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Embassy Row

One noticeable feature you’ll find along Jalan Ampang is the fact that most of the foreign embassies and consular offices are located along this road. Taking a drive along Jalan Ampang is certainly a treat to the eyes, with beautifully constructed bungalows and pristine streets.

The Best International Schools in Ampang

Since many of the embassies have set up their base in Ampang, this area is known to house quite a few foreign diplomats and their families. Here you can find a wide range of schools, including many international schools with great standing.

International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)

Sayfol International School

Fairview International School

Shop and Dine in Ampang

Thai Fish Farm Restaurant

Thai Fish Farm is a restaurant that’s quite unique, and is a hidden gem found in the outskirts of Ampang. Heading to this restaurant warrants a drive up a mountain before going downhill to a valley that opens up into a man made lake. Around this lake, on wooden stilts lies the restaurant. Everything you eat at this place comes from the area itself, with fish farming at the lake and a vegetable garden as well.

PropertyLife Tip: On your way up to this restaurant, you’ll come across a signboard pointing to a certain ‘Lookout Point’. Lookout Point offers one of the best views of the KL skyline from this vantage point. What’s more, you’ll find a bunch of food stalls lined up that offer affordable yet tasty food. Don’t miss out on the char kway teow!

Credit: Adib Wahab

Great Eastern Mall

Adjacent to the Great Eastern Tower on Jalan Ampang you’ll find the Great Eastern Mall. This friendly neighbourhood mall offers you retail outlets and great food options, including a jazz bar!

Ampang Point Shopping Mall

Ampang Point Shopping Mall has four floors of popular food outlets, affordable clothing brands and a leisurely shopping experience. This mall even has a bowling arcade that’s quite popular with the kids, and its close proximity to hotels such as De Palma Hotel and Flamingo Hotel make it a top shopping complex in the city.

Ampang Park Shopping Centre

Ampang Park Shopping Centre was one of the first shopping complexes to be built in Kuala Lumpur, and is still quite popular even after so many years. Very near to Suria KLCC and Avenue K, this mall has narrow corridors filled with local goods and supplies. The LRT station, Ampang Park, connects directly into the mall.

PropertyLife Tip: Touted as serving some of the best Roti Canai in KL, Valentine Roti is a restaurant along Jalan Semarak that opens between 5 PM to 2 AM. When in Ampang, you must check it out!

Ampang - The Medical Hub

One great thing about living in Ampang would be the fact that you’re never too far away from a good medical hospital. Ampang is home to some of the best medical centres in the city. They include Gleneagles Hospital, Pantai Hospital Ampang and KPJ Ampang Puteri, amongst others.

Top Places to Stay in this Suburb

Living in Ampang means that you’ll be living amidst greenery, safe streets and a peaceful atmosphere, all the while being very near to the city centre. Your neighbours would include high-ranking officials, a number of foreign expats and diplomats and a more high-class society. Some of the top residential areas include:

G Residences

This is a relatively newer development that offers serviced residences with an amazing view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

Ukay Heights

Ukay Heights is an affluent development that has both bungalows and some high-rise condominiums.

The Elements

This two-tower serviced apartment is one of the latest developments in the area and is highly sought after. Offering top-class facilities, visually appealing views of the scenery and a convenient location (it’s very close to KLCC and international schools), The Elements are the talk of the property-sphere right now.

Accessibility Within Ampang

Certainly one of Ampang’s USP would be it’s connectivity to the rest of the city.

Important Highways

Some major highways and roads running through Ampang include Jalan Ampang (the main road cutting through Ampang), AKLEH (this highway has eased out some of the traffic in the vicinity) MRR2 highway and BESRAYA highway.

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Public Transport

Ampang is also very well serviced by public transport, including buses and trains. In fact, Ampang Line is a fully serviced LRT line that has stops all over the district of Ampang.

PropertyLife Tip: Ampang is a hotbed of traffic during the hours of 6 to 8 in the evening on weekdays thanks to the office crowd from nearby KLCC.

There’s a lot more to Ampang than just these six elements, but this is a good starting point. What do you think about living in Ampang? Do share your thoughts with us!

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